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High Level Sin Eater - Size 6.5

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Product Description

First, what is a sin eater exactly??

Well...they arent exactly what most online sellers describe them to be.

Though they are human spirits, they are far more powerful than the average spirit.


In ancient times, family of a deceased individual would pay a vagabond in food and wine to take on the sins of the departed so that their soul would go to heaven.

It was a very magickal rite as the sins were "made" into the food and drink served to the hired individual - usually by a local witch - thus the term "sin eaters."

Sometimes the hired individual knew what they were doing and other times they thought that God was merely taking mercy on them and providing them with food, drink and sometimes even a place to stay for a night.


Each time a sin eater took on a sin, he/she would take time off of their own life.


I dont think people understand these where very lonely people and are still very lonely spirits. They dont really develop a bond perse - at least not like other entities - they are unable to show emotion and are unable to bear/share their own soul. The memories of those they've aided become their own and if they were a frequent or skilled sin eater, eventually there are no memories of themselves left. Each "sin" they ate/eat becomes a memory and these memories over take their own memories, until they have no recollection of who they were in life or or what they are now, in death.


No sin eater will ever take the sins that another sin eater has eaten.

Because they've taken on the sins of others, their souls are so marred with grief, loneliness, despair and guilt that they cannot be accepted into the heavenly realms. And because the act itself, sin eating, is a heavenly, selfless act, they cannot make it into hell either. Thus, they are left to roam the limbo (purgatory) realms, alone. Once in limbo, a soul cannot be reincarnated.

Most practitioners believe that binding a sin eater is a blessing. Even though they cannot develop a bond like other entities and spirits, at least they are not alone. They get to be part of an entity/spirit family and they are still able to serve a purpose.


The exact details of how a sin eater works after death are unknown. They cannot communicate very well and yet somehow, they are able to perform the task of sin eating even in the after-life.

So if you're going into the process of adopting a sin-eater expecting a wonderful connection, you're not going to get it. They're merely task masters. They have one ability, one goal and thats it. They cannot do anything more than that.

There are basically 3 levels of sin eaters - low, moderate and high. Simple enough. How they are leveled depends upon the sins they "ate" in life. The more sins they've taken on the more powerful they are in death. It is believed that 95% of all sin eaters in existence are low level. The low level sin eaters can take on sins, whether actual "sins" or perceived, that have taken place within a certain amount of time. From a few weeks to a few months, depending.

A moderate level sin eater can take on the sins committed during your current life.

A high level sin eater is considered very rare. They are hard to find and extremely coveted. They are able to take on sins, not only committed in this life, but past lives as well. They are also able to connect with an entire family, household or circle of people and over time, will "eat away" all of the sins ever committed.

There are a couple of different ways to utilize a sin eater. One is through a healing & meditation technique. The other is by simply wearing the vessel of the sin eater.

The sin eater we are offering works via the second option. Once you put the vessel on, you should not take it off for 30 days. In 30 days, you may pass the sin eater on to another family member or friend. It is recommended, after the initial 30 days, that you should utilize your sin eater once a year for apx 2 weeks in order to take care of your yearly sins.


This sin eater, like all of them, has no formal name. We have lovingly named him Niles.


His vessel ring is sterling silver with turquoise and peridot stones. It is a size 6.5.

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