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Fatit Birth Fairies - Size 7

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Product Description

Sayze (say-zee)
Ume (Oo-me)
Yandra (yan-drah)
Ages: Exact ages unknown - we estimate their ages to be between 300 and 500 years.
Physical Characteristics: Tiny - About 3/4 of an inch tall! Monarch butterfly camouflage cape/cloak. All have dark hair, green eyes, and light skin. Very human facial features. Pointy ears.
Preferred Offerings: Sugar water, fresh flowers, sweet tea, sugar cookies, warm milk, candy (especially hard candies)
Dislikes: None known
Origin: Albania
Expected Manifestations: Monarch butterflies, flits of light, light touches on the skin, giggles, whispers, humming, minor electronic disturbance.
Specialties/Abilities: Destiny
Bonding Time: 2 to 4 weeks
Best Communication Techniques: Telepathy
Personality: Outgoing. Social. Bubbly. Child-like. Inquisitive and curious. 
The Fatit, also known as Miren or Birth Fairies are extremely powerful little entities. Size has nothing to do with power. 
The legend of the Fatit says, on the third day following a baby's birth, 3 fatit, chosen by the counsel before the baby is born, approach the newborn and among them, decide the child's destiny. This is not legend, but rather, fact. However, the Fatit only visit children of certain lineage...Albanian lineage to be exact. No one knows how their destiny is chosen.
What is written about the Fatit is very brief so what we know of them, magickal people have had to learn on their own from interacting with the breed.
What we've learned is that the Fatit can only decide the destinies of so many children and then, they become "useless" in a sense. Even though they never lose their magickal ability, within the communities that they live in, they are never again allowed to do their job. 
Fortunately, it was discovered that the Fatit, under very special circumstances, could be granted permission, by the counsel to perform their duties outside of their community. Though the circumstances vary a bit, there are a few things that are consistent - the person that binds them MUST be a full-blooded Albanian. The practitioner must be female. She must be unwed, and childless. To be more specific, she must be an adult and not be able to bear children. And she must be of a gifted/psychic bloodline.
Now that we have all that out of the way, what can the Fatit do?
They can give you REAL control over your destiny. 
There are a few restrictions. Don't expect to be famous. Don't expect to win the lottery. Don't expect something outrageous. Though fame and fortune can sometimes be in one's destiny, these birth fairies work best on a level that really matters; a logical, relatable level. 
The more reasonable you are with your requests, the better your fairies can aid you.
Big requests have to go through the counsel so the less often your fati has to do that, the more success and progress you're going to see.
Ask them to help you find a better job - be happier - be more in control - for your children to succeed in school - or meet a decent man/woman that treats you well...be positive in your way of thinking. Be generous with your fairies abilities and help those around you. Acts of kindness can aid you favor among the counsel - giving you brownie points for bigger things later on.
Instead of asking to be a rich and famous actor, instead, ask for a certain type of roll to open or that you find the right agent to represent you. Instead of asking to win the lottery, instead ask that you get a raise or a promotion or find the right opportunity to open your own business.
If you're not happy in your job but it's your destiny to be there for years and years, it breaks you down over time and changes you and usually not for the better - imagine if you could change that.
I know that a lot of the time, we don't know our destiny until we start to live it. And I know that certain things can seem trivial until you really understand them. So take time getting to know yourself and your life.
Their vessel ring is sterling silver and is a size 7

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